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Message from President

To create business and products by yourself. Why don't you challenge and produce 'valuable work' together only by the venture?

We are seeking energized member bringing us up together in whole year.

In now when model management in Japan collapsed, do you choose 'a big tree for your shelter'?

The life always comes together with the risk. It is nonsense to pursue stability to company in these days looking a major company going bankrupt.
If going to live with the bright prospects in the future, I believe you should choose aggressive way of life not only to rely on the company that has a risk of restructuring or bankruptcy etc.
In my case case, the start was late a little, but I establish "my company" which was a dream from youth and continue favorable growth. For still young people, I would like to offer you the stage base on a current business and want you to get bigger success with the clear aim from a beginning without dropping in.

We demand the eager member who challenges venture business together.

At first We made a start in the beginning from the field of food, but this is only the first step toward the future. I am going to achieve sales amount 5 billion yen, ordinary profit 500 million yen for the present business several years later, but think when we built a firm management base, it is the true starting point aiming at a company challenging business new in sequence that we aim for namely the venture business group.
I develop the business that the water-related business that featured the theme of "environment"(Eco) newly from 2013 using present sale's channel.
We need a member with the wisdom to create new business and dynamic vision to achieve success so that we provide big value by society in "foods business" and "environment(Eco) business" both.
I picture an image in a future that each one brings up business as a person in charge and manage the new business before long.
I wait for the challenge of a youth opening up your only life by your own hand.

The way of working at Eishin foods

We need an entrepreneur intention member not a businessman intention.

It is not a businessman intention but an entrepreneur intention and it wants it.
It doesn't satisfy with the cogwheel of the organization but the business is created to the end by own wisdom and effort, and the person who challenges is requested.
The necessary one is a will not to ask the experience, knowledge, and the technology, etc.

Remembering practicing it : work.

We do not intend not to guide and to educate promoted employee by man-to-man until do the master of the business. Remembering practicing it : work. We expect you to learn all of knowhow rather than teaching to someone.

It is also possible to become a stockholder on the day when you join a company.

It is also possible to become a stockholder on the day when you join a company.
Becoming a stockholder, we think it is natural to receives it as a member of the venture group that challenges a new business together.