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Message of President

These are today's keywords TASTE, VARIETY, CUSTOMIZATION, FRESHNESS, HEALTHINESS to success in the food industry.

Eishin is Japanese for continual growth and progress.
Since its foundation in 1994 Eishin Foods Co Ltd has firmly established itself as one of Japan's leading crab meat suppliers.
Key to our progressive growth is commitment to the customer. Trust, reliance and integrity are embedded in our company culture. We strongly believe in developing good relations before doing business.

Today's consumers demand a diverse selection of tasty, customizable, healthy foods from reliable suppliers. Large companies working on mass manufacture business models find it increasingly difficult to address these needs.

Here at Eishin Foods we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our products. By cooperating with specialist producers we deliver high quality goods in short time frames at reasonable prices. This combination of high quality and flexibility enables us to react to continuously changing consumer preferences and accommodate a wide range of customers, or as we like to call them partners. We currently supply to traditional sushi restaurants, large restaurant chains, supermarket chains and now individual consumers through our online shop which launched in 2007. The reaction to the business-to-consumer sector exceeded our expectations so much so that we quickly ran out of stock. I was extremely pleased to hear that we were receiving an astonishing amount of words of mouth recommendation from individual customers.

Our next goal is to penetrate the European market. We have a dedicated team of individuals working on this and we aim to start exporting in the second quarter of 2008.

Eishin Foods strives to run an innovative business which is not afraid of new challenges.

Our goal was to implement highly productive business structures that can provide high quality products at a reasonable price. It is my strong belief that we have achieved that goal.

We would like to thank you for your continued support.

Eiji Murakami