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In the Market (For customers oversea)

From Eishin Foods to the World

To bring to the world our high quality goods

The European cuisine is very varied and each country adds its particular characteristics. In time, the discovery of new ingredients, development of cooking techniques, cultural exchanges, among other factors have made the European cuisine grow even wider; and nowadays it is still recognized as the trend creator center.
We started exporting to Europe in 2008.

Main partners Oversea

France, Switzerland, UK, Ireland
Fishing Grounds:
Barent Sea, North-western Atlantic Ocean, Bering sea, Bengal Gulf
China, Thailand, Vietnam

Japanese cuisine to all over the world

Growing demand for convenient healthy food is making Japanese cuisine increasingly popular in Europe. From fast food counters to top end restaurants Japanese food and its products are becoming the food of choice for many.
With this in mind we have decided to expand into the European and USA market and are currently looking for partners.

We hope that you will find this catalogue (pdf) full of products that enthuse and excite you.

If you are interested in working with us, or require further information on anything please do contact us.

Product Catalogue (Engish) pdf. Click here or visit