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Food Business Specialties

Concept of Food Business

We do not only supply products, but the best solutions.

Eishin Foods is specialized in high quality products that require detailed hand - made processing. Our facilities in Japan and China are devoted to deal with our customers' requests and special needs immediately. Furthermore we have our own market research and product development team that supports our customers in product selection and menu composition.

Production Commitments

  • 1. Freshness & Taste

    Our King & Snow Crabs come directly from fisheries in Russia, Canada, and Alaska, and are caught in the wild Bering Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean. Once in our factories in China and Japan, we give them value added by removing the shell, sorting its different parts out and pre-cooking them. Later, the final products are packed and shipped. Thanks to the efficient process and the freshness of our supply, we are able not only to ensure a 2-year life product, but also the best taste.

  • 2. Safety

    Our factories process wild caught crabs, which are not subject to any kind of treatment. The use of chlorine solution is only for the sanitation of equipments; therefore we guarantee that our products are as close as possible to the natural state of the wild crab. Furthermore, additives are only used upon customers' requests on specific products.

  • 3. Sanitation

    Our factories comply with the European HACCP and the highest international standards.

  • 4. Specifications

    Our products are classified by type, weight and length, providing our customers a wide mix of products that also enlarge its span of uses.

  • 5. Price

    Our products are available to a wide range of customers. To supply at a fair price, we eliminate unnecessary costs by importing, developing, processing, producing and exporting directly from one source.

  • 6. Customization

    Our incentive is to have satisfied customers. Responding to customers' needs promptly and flexibly, position us apart from other major makers. To supply ready-to-cook products save time to our customers and ease their work. We do not only supply products, but the best solutions.